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Annadanam Donations

     The Students' Home collects donations to meet the food expenses of all students. Donors donate their might on the occasion of special days like birthday, wedding day, in memory of loved ones, festivals, celebrations and others. Sponsorships, Donations are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. is the founder of the hermes replica. Even those who have a lot of understanding of this international luxury replica bags may not know much about replica bags uk , but as a true brand connotation, by its founder The impact is inevitable. Often the personality and attitude of the brand founders, most of them will be given one or two on their own brands. Let me introduce the story of fake bags


Menu Total Boys Per Boy Rs. Total Rs.
Breakfast 700 13 9,100
Lunch(Ordinary) 700 18 12,600
Lunch with Fruits 700 22(18 + 4) 15,400
Lunch with Sweets 700 24(18 + 6) 16,800
Lunch with Sweets & Fruits 700 28(18 + 6 + 4) 19,600
Evening Tiffin 700 7 4,900
Dinner(Ordinary) 700 14 9,800

General Donations

     The Students' Home requests donation contibutions, sponsorships to meet the general expenses connected with providing free education, food and accommodation and all other expenses to maintain more than 670 students in the Home. These donations are eligible for exemption from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Educational Donations

     The Students' Home needs donations for providing free education to all the students. Giving books, notebooks, other educational aids to students, meeting school and institute laboratory and workshop expenses and related expenses need donations from wellwishers. These donations are eligible for exemption from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

     We give below the expenses we are going to incur for maintaining and educating an Orphan and Destitute boy in our Home for the year 2017-2018.

Section Institute & Extracurricular Books & Stationary Uniform 3 Sets Boarding & Lodging Total Rupees
Residential High School Std VI to X 8,000 1,200 1,500 19,500 30,200
Residential Polytechnic College 20,000 3,000 1,800 22,500 47,300
Primary School 1,500       1,500

Endowment Donations

     Endowments are created to serve a particular purpose – like Annadanam Endowment, Vidyadanam - Education Endowment or General Purpose Endowment. The donated money will be taken as Endowment principal and deposited in bank FDs and other FDs. The interest accrued from the Endowment investment will be used to meet the expenses of the particular purpose for which the Endowment is created.

     The Donors can give a suitable name to the Endowments, normally in memory of someone nearer/dearer to the Donor. The Donor or family members and relatives can add contributions to the endowments anytime.

     These donations are eligible for exemption from Income Tax under section 80G of I T Act 1961.

Capital Donations

     Donations can be given to construct buildings in the Students Home, purchase furniture, laboratory and other equipment, utensils and vehicles for the Students Home and its units - Residential High School, Residential Polytechnic College and Centenary Primary School. These donations are eligible for exemption from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

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